Dr. Mazz invited to American Swiss Foundation Young Leaders Conference

Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli was nominated to and participated in the 2009 American Swiss Foundation Young Leaders Conference. The event was held near Bern, Switzerland from November 7 – 14. Dr. Mazz was one of twenty-five Americans who participated in seminars, panel discussions and cultural exchange events.

The American Swiss Foundation was created in 1945, the Foundation seeks to preserve and strengthen the historic friendship between the United States and Switzerland on a person-to-person basis. The Young Leaders Conference engages participants in social, economic and political issues affecting Switzerland and the United States.

Doug Long commented on the honor, “Dr. Mazz is a unique thinker who I am sure brought a fresh, analytical perspective to the sessions in Switzerland. Anyone who has met Anthony or listened to his radio program can attest to his ability to engage the issues of the day with intelligence and passion. We are proud of his accomplishment and representation of our country at the conference.”

Anthony Mazzarelli, MD, JD, MBE is a physician, attorney, and bioethicist. He received his medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School-Camden in 2002, his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2003, and his masters in bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics in 2003. “Mazz” is a practicing emergency medicine physician with Cooper University Hospital, a talk show host on The Big Talker 1210 AM and an active attorney with Long, Marmero, and Associates. His practice focuses on health law with an emphasis on contract law, regulatory matters, health policy, and physician / patient advocacy.

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