Al Marmero presents to Glouco Mayors on Tax Appeals

        On Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Long, Marmero partner Al Marmero gave the keynote address at a meeting of the Gloucester County Mayor’s Association.  The presentation topic was the rise of tax appeals and its straining effect on municipalities. To effectively weather the current economic storm, municipalities must focus on properly defending tax appeals.  Improper representation in tax appeals can lead to budgetary disasters for a municipality in an already uncertain climate.  The key takeaways for participants were the effective use of litigation, negotiated settlement and drafting of settlement agreements to mitigate a sharp loss of revenue brought on by the numerical rise of claims.

        If you or your municipality are facing significant exposure to tax appeals, contact Al Marmero to discuss how we can help you effectively plan to lead your municipality and stabilize your tax base for growth going forward.

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