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In the News: Dr. Maz leads Health Care Reform Panel

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Long, Marmero associate Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli is a leading expert on the effects of the recently passed health-care reform law. Below is a recent article about a panel he convened for the professionals serving at Cooper University Hospital. If you have questions about how the new reforms will impact your municipality, institution, business or organization call Long, Marmero & Associates to discuss specific strategies.

Cooper told of health-care law
Friday, April 16, 2010 – Gloucester County Times
By Christina Paciolla

Several health-care professionals at Cooper University Hospital in Camden learned a little more about what the health-care reform law means to them.

A panel of experts Ð led by Anthony Mazzarelli, medical director of emergency medicine at Cooper Ð were at the hospital on Thursday afternoon to explain the bill’s specifics and what can be expected at a hospital level.

“Our goal was to give you experts to help educate you on this bill,” Mazzarelli said.

The experts on hand were Sanford M. Barth, of the Graduate School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University; Roland D. McDevitt, director of health-care research at Towers Watson’s Research & Innovation Center in Arlington, Va.; Pete Parvis, health-care attorney for Venable LLP; and Marcus Rayner, executive director of the New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance.

After President Barack Obama signed the nearly $1 trillion health-care overhaul bill recently, health-care attorneys like Parvis have been breaking down the bill so parts can be understood easier.

Mazzarelli said that he and other officials have been closely scrutinizing Massachusetts. There, a 2006 health care reform law mandated that nearly every resident get a state-government-regulated minimum level of coverage for health care.

“Emergency room visits increased 7 to 10 percent,” said Mazzarelli. “I am presuming we will see an increase similar to that.”

With so many millions more people able to obtain coverage over the next few years under the health-care bill, Mazzarelli said that hospital officials are studying trends now to better prepare them for a possible increase.

Right now, the changes to health care haven’t been felt too much on the hospital’s end, Mazzarelli said, but understanding the bill and knowing which parts will be implemented when is important.

Thursday’s panel discussion was recorded and will be made available soon so every health-care professional at Cooper can benefit.

“Our goal would be to provide the best possible care we can,” said Mazzarelli. “That’s why we want to understand this bill.”